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Cardiac Devices and Patient Need – Katherine Thompson & Jill Nicholls – Presentation Slides – Click the link to view  Westpark June 2017 Casebook a Means to an End[3879]

Diabetes and Heart Failure – Andy Collier, presentation slides.  click the link to view Diabetes and Heart Failure XX

Post MI LVSD Teach & Treat by Clare Murphy – Presentation Slides – Click the link to view  Post-MI LVSD Teach and Treat Slides HFLN forum Sept 17

Cardiorenal Debate by Alan Japp & Paddy Gibson – Presentation Slides.  Click the link to view   cardiorenal talk no movie files embedded new

Clinical Decision Making in Oral Anticoagulation – Presentation Slides – click the link to view  Clinical Decision Making for Oral Anticoagulation

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